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Retuning your Crystals


I would like to open a discussion on cleansing (re-tuning) your  crystals. And share my thoughts. I would like to start by saying if it  works for you then don't change it but I would like to think about  things and shake them up so here are my thoughts.  All stones  (crystals, rocks) have a dormant ossillary rate (DOR) - geek for  vibration - each one is unique to itself. As you work with them and use  them this DOR can become disrupted or off kilter and needs to be reset  or restored to optimal working order! or cleansed, if you will- sound  familiar (vacation?)?  Just like us, some can work for a long  time without needing to be cleansed and others need it more frequently.  It does not make sense to me that there are stones that never need to be  cleansed, just my opinion, because when you use anything it gets "used  up" or "worn out" and while some may go longer I believe eventually they  (we) all need re-tuning (or cleansing). Just something to think about.   My favorite way to re-tune is by sound. I have a quad chime that I love  and striking it daily - sometimes more- resonates with me and my  stones, it makes us happy and sets our rhythms right. Re-tuning or  cleansing with sound can be done with chimes, tuning forks, drums,  tingsha, sing bowls, rain stick - really anything that resonates with  you and restores your peace.  The full moon does a great job every  month and I think that unless you have really worked something it does  not have to be outside in the direct moonlight to be effected. Think  about it the moon effects the tides and our moods it is so powerful, and  yet we feel if we don’t haul all our crystals outside they will not be  cleansed. I have a huge personal collection and a huge inventory it  would literally take me the entire month to haul it all out but I feel it  all benefits every month from the lovely moon and those that need extra  love go on a window sill.   Smudging is also wonderful and my  smudge of choice is palo santo but sage and sweet grass and other things  work just as well. I use these to clear my head and my space regularly  and to immerse a stone that needs extra love in occasionally.  

If  a stone either arrives to you feeling totally out of whack OR has been a  real workhorse for you and needs a rest and restorative vacation I feel  the best way to do this is to return it to the earth.  You can bury it  for 30 days. Find a safe spot where you can bury it (make sure you mark  it so yo can recover it) and leave it for 30 or more days. This allows  it to totally restore to its original DOR and become renewed again.    Salt water, running water are also good ways of cleansing – be sure you  have then secured so yo don’t lose them. I love taking mine to the  ocean which restores my soul but I also make sure they are in a small  net bag that I can hold securely so they don’t get carried away on me.  When we are in our WV home there is a small stream nearby that is  running most of the year with fresh mountain water but again I make sure  they are secure so I don’t lose them .   Anyway these are some  popular ways and some of my thoughts on things. Please feel free to  share yours here. There is no right or wrong, if it works for you then  cool beans.

Thoughts on keeping track of what you Have

 As my collection started growing I knew I was getting into  trouble! How  was I ever going to remember all these names!?!? Well I came up with a  plan and so far, it is working here is what I did:     I bought small  white dot labels (you can get hem at Amazon) and I put a  number on them  and then attach it to the stone, usually on the bottom  or back or out  of the way.  Then I have a spreadsheet and next to the  number I have  the name, where I got it, how much I paid, and any other  info that I  feel is important.  The thing about this is I can sort my  spreadsheet  anyway I want to. Also my stones can be all over the house  which is how  I like them.  This way I don't have to worry about  remembering which  bin they go back in the label goes with them  My working ones are in a craft box so I can carry them with me to  appointments, vacations etc.   

The Story Behind Lemurian Crystals from Hubiscus Moon

 There seems to be a lot of confusion going on about what a Lemurian Crystal is, or a Lemurian Seed Crystal…yes,  they are slightly different—I’ve even recently gone into several stores  and have seen signs that display, “Lemurian Crystals,” (because it’s a super-hot term right now)… but what they’re really displaying next to the sign that says, “Lemurian Crystals,” are not Lemurians. Case in point…these are quartz points, but not Lemurians! 


What are Lemurian Crystals?

The term “Lemurian crystal” was first coined by a famous crystal author whom I highly respect, Katrina Raphaell. She started writing crystal books in the 80s, (In fact I recommend several of her books over here),  and she had a newsletter too, which I don’t think she does any longer.   It was around the early 90’s, when Katrina Raphaell put out 1 of her  informative newsletters where this term was first introduced.  (I’ve done some research on it and it seems to be that is where the term was first coined.) The term “Lemurian” references the land of Lemuria, which is known to be a place like Atlantis—actually it preceded Atlantis.  If you want to dive deeper into learning more about these places, this book is a great resource.  So Lemuria is said to have existed in various different places; to have existed or exists now in another dimension, or perhaps in the area of the Hawaiian Islands. (Having  spent a lot of time there myself I have a deep inner knowing that there  is indeed a very strong Lemurian connection in Hawaii.) There’s tons of different info on that you can research but that’s outside the scope of what I want to talk about here today. So, Katrina Raphaell channelled that the Lemurian crystals were coded  with very specific information by the people of Lemuria & left here  for us to discover & learn from. And according to Katrina Raphaell, the Lemurian Seed Crystals were  kind of like “seeds of information”  planted or left in one location  only; one specific spot, known as the Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil:  Now, I keep hearing about Lemurians coming from different areas  of the world, but I’m going to go to the source on this (Katrina  Raphaell) and I’m going to trust in her teachings that the crystals can  only come from Minas Gerais, Brazil to be authentic Lemurians…unless I  find other compelling information resonates with me & that tells me  differently.

What are Lemurian Crystals used for?

Why all this hoopla about Lemurian Seed Crystals? Well, they happen to be very important tools. I can attest to that.

They’re a crystal tool meant specifically for the energy healer, energy worker, or light worker.

…meant to retrieve hidden information; they’re actually encoded with this information. They also invite us to receive very specific information for &  about our planet, for Mama Earth.  Like, how to heal the planet; basically like the care instructions for Earth.  We’re in great need of that, aren’t we? These crystals also serve as an  ideal communication tool between planet Earth and the rest of the  cosmos. Keep in mind, it’s said that the more they’re used, the more powerful they become! And they’re best used as a personal healing tool for the energy healer. 

How to ID a Lemurian

Lemurians can come in all different sizes, but the shape should  always be a tapered wand shape—a little wider at the base and more  tapered at the end.  There’s a difference between Lemurian Crystals and Lemurian Seed Crystals.  

  • Lemurian Seed Crystals have an alternating pattern  of a frosted side on the shaft and then a smooth, very transparent side,  then a frosted side and a very transparent side, alternating all the  way around.
  • Plain Lemurian Crystals will have a random pattern.  For instance, one side is frosted, smooth, frosted, frosted, frosted,  smooth. Or even all smooth or all frosted.

Where’s this information encoded?

Another characteristic of a Lemurian Crystal will be that it has rough, prominent, horizontal striations on some sides of the shaft. But you will not only see them; in order for it to be a true Lemurian, you need to be able to feel them!

How to Use a Pendulum



Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger with your elbow  slightly bent at your side. Use the hand that feels most comfortable for  you. Relax! It is important to let the natural vibrations of your own  body move through your hand to the pendulum. The pendulum works like  muscle-testing or kinesiology: your sub-conscious knows what you need to  know. The pendulum will show you the answer by picking up and  amplifying the subtle vibrations from your sub-conscious, causing the  pendulum to swing! You can ask any question to get a YES or NO answer.

HOW TO INTERPRET YES/NO   For many people, when the pendulum swings left and right this can be  interpreted as a "NO". If the pendulum swings to and fro, then this can  be interpreted as a "YES". If your pendulum swings elliptically,  clock-wise, counter-clockwise, or in some other gyration or even stays  rigidly still, you must interpret this as best you can. Here's a hint:  Ask your pendulum something that is true:  "IS MY NAME ...? (insert your real name)   Note what the response is. This will give you a "YES".

Now ask your pendulum something that you know is not true:  "IS MY NAME BARNEY?"  Note what the response is. This will give you a "NO".

SOME IMPORTANT TIPS   The pendulum can provide a good second opinion. It uses your own energy  and as such should not be touched by others who may impart their  vibrations into the pendulum and thereby reduce its reliability. Keep  the pendulum with you as much as possible during the first 3 weeks to  have it absorb your own energies. Ask the pendulum simple questions that  will help build your trust in the answers. Asking questions that you  already know the answers to will end up in your own frustration. The  pendulum will learn to resonate with you, within your own energy field.  Cleanse your pendulum in salt water (1 tsp. salt in 8 oz. water)  overnight after your purchase and then once a month thereafter. 

Some people get better results holding the pendulum about 1" above the  open palm of their opposite hand. This "opens" your energy circuits and  creates a bio-feedback loop and the energy will flow more freely. If  your pendulum doesn't move very well for you, try opening and closing  your hands a few times to activate the hand energy centres (The Hand  Chakras). Also, empty your mind of doubts and preconceptions about the  outcome of your question. It is important to have a clear mind so the  answer doesn't get all muddled up by your own thoughts.  "Clear" the  energy from pendulum after each question by simply lowering the tip for a  moment to your hand or other surface. This signals that your question  has been answered and you are ready for the next question. Use this  technique frequently, especially if your answers seem confusing.

SUGGESTED USES FOR YOUR PENDULUM:   Your pendulum will answer any question with either a "yes" or "no", so  it is important to structure your question properly. Example: "Will I  get a new job?", is a good question. The answer can be either "yes", or  "no". An example of a poor question is: "Should I stay at this job or  leave ?". This question does not give the choice for the answer to be  either yes or no. Ask either: "Should I stay at this job?", or "Should I  leave this job?" to get a clear answer.

You can hold your  pendulum over any object to determine a range of answers. For example,  hold the pendulum over food to determine if it is suitable for you (or  others) to eat. Pick out the best tasting apple at the grocers next time  by holding your pendulum over each apple until you get a "yes". Don't  mind other people staring at you, they'll just have to get used to so  many people using pendulums in public!

When you have a number of  choices to select from, use a list or a chart. Draw a circle or a  semi-circle with a radius of about 4" - 6". Mark the choices off as  degrees on the circle. Hold the pendulum in the center and the swing of  the pendulum will line-up with the appropriate marked off selection.  This technique can be used to select vitamin supplements, herbal teas,  colours in the aura, healing stones to wear...

If you need to  determine a date to do something, use your pendulum over a calendar.  Hold the pendulum over each date of the month, waiting until the  pendulum registers an answer. As you become proficient with the  pendulum, your answers will become almost instant.