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Uniquely Rocking It

What and Where

The dated shows are 1 hr long and can be found by clicking on these links - soon to come Uniquely Rocking it with Jody Ann on You Tube

Feb 7 How the Rocks Roll 

Feb 14 Sacred Space Rocks  

Feb 21 Rocking Grids  

Feb 28 Rocking Your Chakras  

Mar 7 Buying Rocks 

Mar 14 Using Rocks 

Mar 21 Imposter Rocks 

Mar 28 Gem Elixirs 

April 4 Cleansing, Retuning and Programming Rocks! 

April 11 How to pick the right Crystals Part 1 

April 18 How to pick the right Crystals Part 2 

April 25 Sacred Geometry Rocks

May 5 Sacred Geometry Rocks II

May 9 replay of grids - was sick 

May 16 Back to Basics Crystals vs Rocks

May 23 Crystals for connecting with Spirit with Guest Stacey Niendentohl

May 30 Crystal Shapes

June 6 Crystals Shapes Part 2 

June 13 Using a pendulum 

June 20 What to do with your Crystals 

June 27 Real vs Fake Crystals 

July 04 Crystal Grids: Replay of Gem Elixirs - lost power 

July 11 Grids big or small YES! 

July 18 Pendulums 

July 25 Orgone vs Orgonite is there a difference 

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The Scoop

Uniquely Rocking It is all about Rocks! 

If you ever wanted to know:

How they work? 

How to use them in your daily life?

How to care for them? 

How to know what you are buying? 

How to set up and use grids? 

Then you need to watch here for You Tube info! 

What you can do!

I am no longer a host on the Inspired Choices Network, by my choice - All my shows are still there and can be listened to. You can check out Inspired Choices Network. Here is a link to my host page where you can check out all my shows and listen to replays https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/author/jodyannroy/ 

About Us


Uniquely Rocking it

We are a mother (Jody Ann) - daughter (Steph Wilkins) team striving to help you find the unique, unusual, and healing rocks, stones, and crystals you need and want at reasonable prices. No fluff, just real! The metaphysical properties of stones and tools are listed under each product for your convenience. We have items available to fill your sacred space, build your grids, and use in reiki! Palo Santo wood and other protective and cleansing items are available. We would love to become one of your go to metaphysical stores!


About Jody Ann


My name is Jody Ann Roy and I am 64 yrs young! I have been married to my husband Rob for 35 yrs! We have 3 children from previous marriages but none together. Rob has 3 grandchildren from his son, 2 girls and 1 boy I have 3, 2 from my son and 1 from my daughter, all boys I am called Memere (pronounced mem may) which is kind of a french version of nana, but then my maiden name is Boudreau and my married name is Roy so the french version makes sense to me AND it is different, like me!!! Rob was in the Navy when I married him so he took me out of my beloved New England, I go back as often as I can , I especially love the beaches of Maine, though I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I truly am a New England girl at heart. 

Even as a child I ALWAYS came home with rocks no matter where we went and I still do but now I understand they are a natural tool from God that I can use in my daily live! What started as my picking up rocks everywhere has evolved into an extensive  personal collection as well as an over 130 sphere collection!! I love the energy they bring to my home and my life!! I love sharing them with others through sales! I always include healing properties and other info in my posts so you know what you are buying and can hopefully learn as well. Plus on these pages  we want it to be a place of healing and learning primarily with sales a byproduct. 

I have taken the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing class and LOVED it! I love that she comes from a science background as so do I (I have a med lab tech degree!). I believe there is no absolute in crystals and rocks other than their makeup because different things resonate differently with different people, so what works for me may not work for you and visa versa. But when we share and question each other it makes me think and grow and I LOVE that! Learn to let the rocks tell you and you will do well. 

My creative side likes wire wrapping but I keep them simple so that the rock is the star and it touches your skin still- I always want the rock to shine!! 

We do not typically include free gifts with our orders because we label everything and that takes time, and we feel that is our gift to you all! So please be patient when you order from us - We ship in the order paid but are careful to label and wrap everything so it arrives to you whole and identified! 

If you have questions feel free to ask us always I will usually answer unless I feel it is too personal, but I won’t be upset if you ask.   


About Steph Wilkins


  Hi there! My name is Stephanie and I am pleased  to ‘meet’ you! In addition to being in business with my mom, Jody, I am  the proud Momma of an amazing baby boy. I am so blessed to be able to  work from home so that I can raise him full time. We live with my  husband and our rescue cats! I am thrilled to able to teach my son about  all aspects of crystals and rocks as he grows. He already gravitates  towards his favorites and loves to ‘help’ me as I fill your orders! Lol  It was a scary step leaving the job I’d had for 16 years but the rewards  are abundant. The sense of inner peace and calm I have now plays well  with my curiosity and desire to continue learning about rocks and  crystals. I would love to have the chance to help you build your  collection! If we can assist you or answer questions for you please  don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for choosing to do business with us,  we’re so glad you’re here!